2022 Gift of Reading Essay Contest

Everybody has a life story.  See if you can find that special story and share it.
(( 250 words or less)

Interview an adult who lived in the 20th Century (1900’s).  Ask him or her questions about their life as a child.  How was life different?  What was a typical school day like?  What was the home life like?  What did they do for fun, chores, free time? What was their favorite book and why?  Then, write the answers in an essay describing life comparing it to life as a child now.  In the last paragraph, tell about your experience interviewing an older person. Was it informative, funny, sad, interesting?  Selected stories will be published in Morgan Hill Life.  1st Place in each age group (2nd-3rd grade; 4th-5th; 6th-8th; 9th-12th) wins a $50 BookSmart gift certificate, a writing journal, a certificate of merit and publication of your essay in Morgan Hill Life.  Submit a copy of your essay to BookSmart by November 30th by 6:00 P.M. with a cover sheet (Name, grade, phone, email) to [email protected] or take or mail to BookSmart 421 Vineyard Town Center,

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BookSmart Community Advantage is a 501c3 under the auspices of the Morgan Hill Community Foundation, P. O. Box 1974, Morgan Hill, 95038.

The last 24 years the Gift of Reading Morgan Hill has distributed books to under-served children during the Holidays. Some of these children have never had a book of their own. Please help by donating new books, like new books  or a cash donation at BookSmart. Make out your check to Morgan Hill Community Foundation/BookSmart Community Advantage.